The moment is always now. Each new moment links us to eternity in its own way.

For me, creation is a steady process: nothing is left to chance, yet every element is charged with the tension of what cannot be controlled.

As a graphic designer and in the creation of my art and design products, I express myself in a personal language that combines my professional experiences and my artistic interactions.

My works are visualizations of ideas in two and three dimensions. They arise from meetings and confrontations and from my fascination with the way culture and Nature interact. I suggest rather than illustrating what inspires me, allowing an inside and an outside to emerge naturally and organically through the interplay of colors, shapes and structures. My works speak the language of connection and kinship. May they invite the viewer to engage.

I live and work in Männedorf/Zurich. I always look forward to the surprise of a new challenge.


_Die Unjurierte 2019, Kulturschüür Liebegg / Monotypie Werkserie
_Luxembourg Art Prize 2020 / Hangman
_D‘ont take pictures magazine / Cyanotypie „Transformed“
(Photograms online gallery 2020)
_Baldwin Photographic Gallery / Cyanotypie „Transformed“
(Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 2020)